Unity Point Clinic Westdale Family Medicine

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

28,367 Sq Ft

This new two-story Unity Point Clinic offers Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Imaging Services, MedLabs and Therapy Plus all in one location.

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Childrens and Family Clinic Rendering

St. Luke's Children's and Family Clinic

Hiawatha, Iowa

18,500 Sq Ft

A newly constructed 1 story medical clinic to serve childrens and family needs.

VA Clinic - 1 Resized
VA Clinic - 2 Resized
VA Clinic - 3 Resized
VA Clinic - 4 Resized
VA Clinic - 5 Resized

VA Clinic

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

10,000 Sq Ft

A complete remodel and addition to the existing VA Clinic to expand services offered.

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Child Protection Rendering

St. Luke's Child Protection Center

Hiawatha, Iowa

12,600 Sq Ft

Renovation of existing retail building into a 1 story medical building to serve as a protection center for children.

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Radiologic Medical Services PC

Coralville, Iowa

10,302 Sq Ft

1st floor clinic tenant build-out, including ultra sound, X-ray, CT scan room, MRI, mammogram, and procedure rooms. 3rd floor business offices, and break room.